Sony DSC-W350 14.1 MP Digital Camera 4x Wide Angle Zoom

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For nearly a decade, Sony has been a leader in digital photography beginning with the DSC-50 and its floppy disc storage to all-digital models such as the DSC-W350 which is capable of modes that, a few years ago, were reserved for high-end digital single-lens reflex cameras and the like.

The Sony DSC-W350 camera includes many features one normally associates with cameras costing much more. The DSC-W350 features a 24mm wide-angle uses sharp Carl Zeiss optics. The heart of the DSC-W350 is its proprietary BIONZ processor that makes it an easy-to-use “point and shoot” camera. the DSC-W350 features a large 2.7-inch LCD for easy image framing. Also, the DSC-W350 features impressive 14.1 MP imaging.

Its advanced features include “Panoramic Sweep Mode”, where you press the shutter while sweeping across a vista. The DSC-W350 images continuously and stitches them into one image. In addition, the DSC-W350 features “Dynamic Range Optimization” and Optical Steady shot – auto stabilization mode where gyro control eliminates camera shake and blur on zoom shots of distant objects. In the “Intelligent Auto Mode”, an algorithm tests the background lighting and snaps clears, sharp images even in tough background lighting and low-light. “Intelligent Scene Recognition” cycles the DSC-W350 through nine lighting modes so that the right mode is applied to the image. This feature includes auto and advanced imaging. Auto imaging takes one clear image, while advanced imaging takes three images and selects the best one.
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