Prosumer Digital Camera and DSLR Camera

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Ifyou want to learn more about photography, you may consider using either a Prosumer digital camera or a DSLR camera. Both cameras can be used for professional photography. At a glance, Prosumer digital cameras and DSLR cameras look the same. However, they are different in terms of functionality and features.

Here is a comparison of some key aspects of both cameras, namely the body, features, sensor, lens and functionality, to help you better understand the difference between a Prosumer digital camera and a DSLR.

1. Prosumer digital camera

· Body

Thephysical appearance of a Prosumer digital camera is similar to a DSLR, making it difficult for you to tell them apart. Usually Prosumer cameras are smaller than DSLRs. The body is ergonomically designed which makes it convenient to hold. Usually, Prosumer camera lenses are the same size as DSLR lenses. This camera is great for amateur photographers, because it has features that are similar to those offered by DSLRs but relatively cheaper in price.

· Features

The features are similar to those offered by DSLRs. The program setting can be adjusted manually so that your creativity is not limited by the automatic setting. It also has the ability to record videos and offers a Live View feature.

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