Best Digital Cameras With Unique Features

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Electronic equipment has developed at an alarming pace over the last few decades with everything becoming faster and smaller. Portable handheld electronics have seen major improvements with mobile phones, portable gaming devices and digital cameras all improving on what they are capable of. Mobile phones have developed far beyond their initial purpose with the smartphones of today incorporating GPS, Internet, camera and social media applications. Handheld gaming devices have also come a long way since the black and yellow display of the Nintendo Game Boy. Touch screen, Internet access and even glasses free 3D are all featured on the devices that are available right now. Even the simple digital camera is still seeing improvements. Whilst constant improvements to image resolution are common place with all manufacturers, digital camera companies have had to look at other ways of developing new improvements to make their cameras stand out in a crowded market.

The Canon IXUS 115 HS 12.1 mega pixel camera might look like any other ordinary digital camera but this camera performs an extra little trick with each photo you take. Every time the shutter button is pressed and an image captured, a 4 second mini clip before each photo is also taken. This feature is known as ‘Movie Digest’ and means that you will have a movie relating to each photo you take so that you have a reminder of what led up to each particular photo. Whilst not a ground-breaking feature, it’s an additional little bonus that could provide plenty of little memories to watch in future years.
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